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The most secure, affordable, flexible, fastest, universal cloud storage. 80% cheaper than AWS. How can you afford not to?

    Only £5.99 Per TB - Unlimited Enterprise Storage*

    Pay As You Go - Rolling 30-Day Contract*

    Pay by Invoice - No Credit Cards Required

    Pay in UK £ GBP - No Need for $ Dollars or € Euros

    No Long-Term Commitment*

*Discounted longer term contracts available

Why opt for Cloudlake?

Low cost, fast, reliable, secure, immutable UK data storage. Ideal for a wide range of applications. No confusing tiers like legacy cloud storage services.

First-generation cloud-storage solutions like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP cost as much as traditional on-premise solutions and have hidden fees that hold you and your data hostage. There is a far better option:

    We have just one cloud storage tier - FAST

    We store your data in Tier 4 DCs (numerous global locations incl UK)*

    We don't charge ingress, egress or application connectivity (API) fees

    Immutable storage buckets protect you against data loss

    Highly available 11x9s of data durability

    Secured with AES 256 encryption in transit and at rest

    Widely compatible (all major software supported)

* Wasabi Global Data Centres: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, USA Central/East/West, Toronto, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore and Sydney.


Data will determine your company’s future success or failure – can you afford to keep it … all of it?

Use Cloudlake today for:

   Multi-Cloud Storage

   Hybrid Storage

   Big Data and IoT

   Regulatory Compliance

   Media & Entertainment

   Video Archiving


PLUS immutable protection
against ransomware attack threats

Customer Testimonial

"We decided to look at Autodata’s Cloudlake solution as it is extremely cost-effective without skimping on the high-level functionality we required.

We historically used Symantec but decided to move to Veeam to backup our Hyper-V infrastructure.
Due to increased O365 use across our organisation,
we additionally introduced Veeam Backup
for Microsoft 365 into our environment. We wanted a cloud-storage service that worked well with Veeam
and provided immutability to enable us to lockdown our data and recover backups in the event of a ransomware attack.

We ran several successful test restores with Wasabi+Veeam and found the APIs between them work really well.
The solution provides us with cloud storage that works
at an affordable price with added cyber security protection - which is precisely what we were looking for."

Alan Pereira, Chief Information Officer, Gibraltar Financial Services Commission


Our Accreditations

Microsoft Gold Partner
Cyber Essentials Plus
ISO 27001 Certification

Our Cloudlake Services

Now is the time to reconsider cloud storage for your backup, O365, hybrid storage ... in fact for everything:

Cloudlake Storage

Most cloud storage solutions include ranges for performance and ranges for costs for ingress/egress of data with different levels of compatibility, all with differing price points. Cloudlake is different ...

Cloudlake Hybrid

Move data between on-premise tiers and cloud tiers at will, with no charges in either direction. Your data resides wherever best suits the needs of the workload for performance, reliability, manageability and cost.

Cloudlake Security

No business is immune to a cyber attack. A defence-in-depth strategy including fully tested backups is vital - not only to help detect and protect against ransomware but also to help recover from a successful attack.

Cloudlake Backup

Cloudlake combines the leading modern backup tools and best-of-class cloud repositories to deliver an immutable, flexible, reliable, high performance and cost effective solution for your off-site backups.